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This is the very impressive Thiepval Memorial as you can see, erected to the missing soldiers after the Battle of the Somme some 72,195 souls are remembered here..... When people signed up to the colours, it was not unusual that a whole community of people joined together, they could be 'Football teams', whole towns like Carmarthen pals, the Accrington pals. their numbers were so devastated by the slaughter in the battle, the people of the town of Accrington were so shocked and moved by their loss, they sent the bricks for this permanent memorial to be built, This battle was to be spearheaded by the French, but they were so bogged down by the battle of Verdun, it fell to the British to run this battle to relive the French, by the Germans having to send troops from Verdun to back up their troops at the Somme. on the first afternoon 59,000 soldiers were killed or wounded in the battle of the Somme 'Britain's Blackest Day'..... 7 people from our village are remembered here (pictures to follow of the inscriptions)