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Market Day - Aberdare
Market Day - Aberdare (2013237)
MARKET DAY W. E. Price’s ‘The Quality Stores’, Aberdare Market, circa 1930s. (the sawdust on the floor absorbed spills and breakages; with a little oil added to it to dampen it down, the sawdust also made the general sweep-up after a lot easier) Tins of Bartlett’s pears, fruit salad, pineapple cubes, English cream . . . Wye Valley jams, Horniman’s tea, butter, flour and lard . . . Red salmon, tin tomatoes – Oxydol . . . According to Wikipedia, Oxydol began sponsoring the NBC’s ‘Ma Perkins’ series (played by Virginia Payne) in the 1930s; the radio show was considered to be the first ‘soap opera’. (photo: RCT Libraries; blurb - Gerald Richards)
YMCA, Aberaman
YMCA, Aberaman (2013428)
A CHRISTMAS CARD FROM GASWORKS ROAD . . . I was looking at this 1930s photograph in the RCT Libraries archive showing a bunch of lads in the YMCA, Gasworks Road (opposite George Street) . . . It’s a family sort of photo, and everyone wants to be in it, because they all feel – well – like they all sort of belong, if you know what I mean? They’re all bunched around the snooker table, and you’ve got these guys at either end angling the light-shades on the group to give maximum light – A quick look-see and then I’m off looking through the other photos – and then I remember the last kid on the right who’s pushing forward a bit to get in on the act. (RCT Libraries)
Butter blender 1934
Butter blender 1934 (20120048)
This machine lives on the ground floor of the B.A.N.C. store in the old cooperative building in John St Abercwmboi, and is still there to-day, in its hay day served 54 branches. (Chris & Nicola....)
Cooperative store 1935
Cooperative store 1935 (20120018)
The Aberdare & District cooperative Society store mid 1930, this is the second coop store built in the village, this store was part of a larger complex of Butter and cream production that went on under this shop, a full scale slaughterhouse and butchers shop, boots shoes millinery departs, the first coop store was built by the Cwmbach Cooperative Society....Aug 2012 Chris the present owner is having renovation work done that has exposed the word "Provisions" pic to come.. (RCT library and museum service)
Butter machine
Butter machine (20120008)
Where is it I wonder (Chris the Man)