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Meeting at Bethesda
Meeting at Bethesda (20160019)
Harvest Festival, Bathesda
Harvest Festival, Bathesda (20160017)
Still going on in Abercwmboi...152 years later.. (Alun.)
St John's Ambulance 1973
St John's Ambulance 1973 (20130538)
This Happy group of young would-be first-aiders were photographed at Bethesda Chapel, Abercwmboi, on the evening when 14 of them were admitted into membership of the St John Ambulance Brigade as cadets at an enrolment service conducted by the division's president, Moriais Jenkins (John Howells St John's)
Big Seat Bethesda
Big Seat Bethesda (20120061)
For those of you unfamiliar with chapel layout, we are looking at the Big Seat, with the raised pulpit in the back ground. (Jane)
Bethesda Chapel
Bethesda Chapel (20120053)
Part of the congregation. (Jane Clark)
Sharon Jones
Sharon Jones (20120052)
Sharon was married on 24 June 2006, at Bethesda Chapel, Cap Coch...... (Alun)
Perrotts store
Perrotts store (20120035)
So far one of the oldest recorded families in the village, the two Perrot brothers, 1 in the door way, the other holding the horse, this shop was across the road from Bethesda chapel,you can see the specially constructed doorway that went though to the horse stables out back, the brothers left for Australia made some money Opel digging, came back and built the Melbourne buildings there is only a painting now of the marvelous addition to the village the building was. (Doug Anthony)
Bethesda Chapel
Bethesda Chapel (20120007)
Bethesda Chapel/ I have memories that a friendly rivalry existed between Bethesda and Bethlehem Chapel's, and fair-play to "Dave Watkins" I can say it is still alive and kicking to-day.( my parents went to Bethlehem chapel) sadly Bethlehem Chapel lost its identity when it closed. (Alun Jenkins)