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The 2nd Stream
The 2nd Stream (20150007)
Top of the Sunday School field, alongside Piggy Lane. the 2nd stream.. (Alun.)
Gill & Nicola
Gill & Nicola (20150002)
Well known characters in the village, one organises the children in school, the other runs the local store.... (Alun)
School teachers 1972
School teachers 1972 (20140585)
We are constructing the name lists...... (Someone & Ellen Evans)
School Carnival early 80's
School Carnival early 80's (20140573)
This is Paula Jenkins, Jeannine Jones, Natalie Waghorn, Gina Humphries, all girls were living in Cromer Street.(info from Angela Hancock) (Mr Williams C/C School)
Blaegwawr School
Blaegwawr School (2014524)
A great deal of the children from the village went here (Alun)
Carnival 1980s   'Dot'
Carnival 1980s 'Dot' (2014508)
(Mr Williams Capcoch School)
Carnival 1980s
Carnival 1980s (2014507)
(Mr Williams Capcoch School)
Mr Edwards Headmaster Capcoch
Mr Edwards Headmaster Capcoch (20130585)
B/R 2nd in from Right Mr Edward a well known Headmaster at Capcoch School. this is a picture of him with hair in the days before he had to deal with us.... (R.C.T. blurb Alun)
Gill & Margaret
Gill & Margaret (20130583)
Gill Cook & Margaret Binsham two School St girls (Gill Vater, nee Cook)
Helen & Misty
Helen & Misty (20130577)
My Daughter...if she could have taken him to School...he would have had a bag... (Alun)
New lamps for old!
New lamps for old! (2013284)
Victoria Square bête noire – 1962 As part of the Civic Trust Scheme to improve the town centre (1962), new street lamps were installed and put up in March and April of that year; the old lamp (on the right) as not yet been removed. The ‘Echo’ bill-stand at the foot of the lamp-post was one of the town’s enduring images of the 1960s. This was the pitch of Malcolm Howells, an ex-pupil from Mardy School, and the inveterate vendor on this spot for years - regardless of the weather. Mr Howells eventually became the proprietor of the Copper Kettle. (photo: RCT Libraries; blurb: Gerald Richards)
School uniform!
School uniform! (2013272)
School Uniform! Oaklands Primary School (RCT Libraries - undated)
Barrie and his old brush
Barrie and his old brush (20130531)
School caretaker, with his old brush that he has added to.... if you notice the unique extension... ((Facebook))
Blaengwawr Brass
Blaengwawr Brass (2013223)
BLAENGWAWR BRASS Blaengwawr Comprehensive pupils on a brass band course at the Ogmore Residential Centre, April, 1982. (photo: courtesy RCT Libraries) (RCT Libraries)
Cardiff Road – not seen for over a century
Cardiff Road – not seen for over a century (2013217)
Cardiff Road – A view not seen for over a century: where Ynysllwyd School once stood (rear view). (Gerald Richards)
another view
another view (20130508)
Another look at the village (Cynon Valley Rem.)
Cap Coch School
Cap Coch School (20130154)
Asked through Jane's pages for names and dates (Cynon Valley Remembered)
The New Road
The New Road (20130152)
The new road at a time when the world was younger, in this picture you can see the turning left where the access to new School is today, and the new hospital is on the right hand side... (cynon Valley Remembered)
The flowers in the garden
The flowers in the garden (2013169)
The flowers in the garden – Blaengwawr Primary School, July 1984. (RCT Libraries)
Pinewood Studios – the real article
Pinewood Studios – the real article (2013167)
The Pinewood Studios, second-hand furniture shop, Cardiff Road (a few doors down from the Welsh School). None of that cellulose stuff here, only the genuine article: solid knock-on-wood! (photo: RCT Libraries - blurb: Gerald Richards)
Spot the difference!
Spot the difference! (2013162)
Almost twenty years later: 2013 – Building a new road complex to accommodate flow of traffic for the new Super School. (Gerald Richards)
Spot the difference!
Spot the difference! (2013161)
Spot the difference: 1984 - Building a new roundabout for the Aberdare road bypass (Mardy House School and old Mardy House/Tax Office on right - demolished July 1993) (RCT Libraries)
Born free!
Born free! (2013151)
BORN FREE! A pit pony exhilarating in the freedom of open space and fresh air. The local pit ponies were brought to the surface once every year for their ‘holiday’. Most of them were set loose in the field behind the Oaklands (where the Oaklands Primary School is now situated). Very often their underground handlers would come to the wall (by the ‘bus shelter on the Bridge) with a little treat and to have a quiet chat with them before wishing them goodnight. (photo: News of the World, courtesy of RCT Libraries – blurb: Gerald Richards) (photo:NoW, courtesy RCT - blurb: Gerald)
We want a lollipop!
We want a lollipop! (2013510)
WE WANT A LOLLIPOP! In May 1985, the parents of the children who attended Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Aberdar (the old Ynyslwyd school) decided that the safety of their children who attended the school was of paramount importance. In the absence of a lollipop-man/lady to guide them and their children safely across the very busy and dangerous Cardiff Road, they decided to express their concerns openly by holding a series of demonstrations outside the school gates. (photo: RCT Libraries – blurb: Gerald Richards)
The little angels of Blaengwawr
The little angels of Blaengwawr (2013478)
The little angels of Blaengwawr Infants – no date, sorry. From left to right: (adults) Mrs Jean Evans (headmistress); PC Alfie Soal; Mrs Edwards (teacher) Back row (standing): Derwyn Wright; Helen Bartlett; Timothy King; Louise Cook; Tanya Walters; Kara Louise Collins (nee Avon); Kate Davies (nee Phillips); Karen Webb; Sarah Hughes; Claire James (?) Front row: Matthew Lockyer; Craig Stephens; Ryan Bianchi Second row: Matthew Smart; Christopher Gethin (with blonde curly hair); Neil Willis (with glasses) (photo: RCT Libraries - info: past pupils)
The first staff at Blaengwawr Schools
The first staff at Blaengwawr Schools (2013477)
Here they are – the first staff for the Blaengwawr Schools – complete with dog. Could the bowler hat in the hedge (behind the lady – fourth on left in back) belong to a master of disguise? (photo: RCT Libraries - blurb: Gerald Richards)
You ain't seen anything like it1
You ain't seen anything like it1 (2013476)
You ain’t seen anything like it! (at least not before 1911) The site where Ynyslwyd School once stood – revealing the plush mountains above Cwmbach. (photo and blurb: Gerald Richards)
Blaengwawr Schools
Blaengwawr Schools (2013474)
Just a little downstream from the tyre on a rope . . . Previous to the building of the Blaengwawr schools, the local children received their education in the rooms at the Ynyslwyd Chapel vestry. Lack of suitable facilities and space for expansion, however (plus a Government stipulation that new schools accommodating less than 750 pupils would lose out on any grant entitlement), encouraged the School Board to purchase a suitable site in Blaengwawr. The new schools were opened on Monday, 28 June 1880. The children marched in procession from their old classes in Yynyslwyd to the opening ceremony in the infants department, where Sir George Elliot (the ‘Bonnie Pit Laddie’ from Durham, and Aberaman House) informed the gathering - including the School Board members and invited guests - that the total cost of the buildings came to about £4,600. He closed by saying that he hoped that the schools “would be prized as a great convenience for generations yet to come.” (Western Mail – 29 June 1880) (Gerald Richards)
A touch of turquoise - Blaengwawr School
A touch of turquoise - Blaengwawr School (2013460)
Blaengwawr Comprehensive - a touch of turquoise in the growing dusk. (photo: 2013) (Gerald Richards )
Aman Adult Learning Centre
Aman Adult Learning Centre (2013426)
Aman Secondary School: today, the site upon which the school once stood still maintains the spirit of learning and endeavour through its excellent Adult Learning facilities. (Gerald Richards)